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Building AI that benefits Africa and its people

Cultural Intelligence

Mapping Africanity to create culturally-intelligent AI

Digital Griot

How we will make storytelling dynamic again


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Djambe AI communicates in a culturally relevant and conversational manner. The dialogue format allows Djambe to respond to follow-up questions, acknowledge its errors, and be culturally sensitive all while honoring the diversity of Africa and it's people.

Services by Djambé

Service in Beta

Generate AI Text

Sculpt your AI-generated text. You have full control to shape your content into a masterpiece.

Service in Beta

Create Images

Transform your words into stunning visuals with Djambé's pioneering text-to-image feature.

Service in Beta

African Languages

Embrace the diversity of Africa and beyond, as Djambe AI fluently speaks multiple African languages.

Service in Beta

Time-saving Templates

Select from numerous AI templates that cater to your every desire, from social media to articles and beyond.

Speaker by Djambé

Djambé is the djembé 2.0, a African digital voice assistant and music instrument for music fans and music makers.

    • Sustainable & made in Africa: This product will be manufactured on the continent, using renewable and recyclable materials.
    • The Djambé will be powered by CQ-AI and see the world from an African perspective.

The Djambé doesn't have a release date yet.


R&D with Djambé

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